Improve Your Health and Fitness at The Pilates Bar

Enjoy the amazing health benefits of Pilates by joining the The Pilates Bar in New York. At The Pilates Bar, your body will totally transform from the inside out. You will be empowered as you discover your inner strength, increase your flexibility and stamina, improve your balance and posture and in doing so, your overall physical well-being and appearance.

Pilates is an efficient method of total body conditioning that focuses on the core while simultaneously strengthening and stretching your body in balanced alignment creating muscular length and not bulk. And instead of reps, the focus is on quality of movement and flow between exercises allowing for an efficient, balanced and graceful technique. When guided correctly by a intelligent teacher, it can be safely practiced throughout a lifetime.

Not only does Pilates promote weight loss, it is a very specific tool for the golfer, tennis player and equestrian searching for the needed strength and balance to deepen their existing skills, correct bad form and to advance their training level.